Tuesday, November 12, 2013

30 Minute Paints

These were done for the "Spitpaint" Facebook group in which they post 3-5 topics a day and you are supposed to take no longer than 30 minutes to make a painting of it.  I've actually found this to be tremendously educational.  The 30 minute time line forces you to pick an idea and stick to it or otherwise wind up with a horribly incomplete image (which does happen from time to time) This means you are often kind of stuck with your decisions, and at the end you can see what did and didn't work.  With these, even ones I'm reasonably happy with, I always try to come away from it with a lesson, or something to think about for the next one.  Better brush organization, clearer starting idea, focus on the subject and not spend a bunch of time on the background, etc.

Astronaut Wizard

 Evil Goo

 Halloween Mansion

Too High


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