Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Necromancers Dream
Painted in Artrage with some color tweaks in Photoshop

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The "City In the Eye"

City in the Eye

"Known as the, "City in the Eye" Ossos is more a vast archive and reliquary then a functional city. It's catacombs stretch deep into the curious substrate on which it's built and some say there are vast, naturally occurring chambers and networks of tunnels beneath that stretch for unknown distances. Some say, in hushed tones, that the Cleopteran monks and priests who act as caretakers to the many millenia of records use these chambers for rituals of communion with something that causes those tones to become mere whispers. Those whispers tell of a voice that speaks through time itself. Of a low hum that becomes a buzzing roar, the modulations of which contain knowledge of arcane and eldritch things. Asking on this matter while visiting the "city" is the surest way to cause the good graces of the strange monks to evaporate entirely, and to be "invited" to leave." Excerpt from Titus Graeme's, "Oddities of the Outerlands, a Traveler's Guide"

This started as a cloud sketch in Photoshop on the train into work and developed into this over a Saturday morning of half watching old 80's horror movies.  I came up with the text for it as I was posting it on Faceboook, but the ideas developed alongside the painting while I was working.  As I'll often start with only the vaguest idea of what I'm going to end up with I tend to write an evolving back story in my head as I work on it.  Sometimes things will show up in the painting that will inspire some story and sometimes the story will call for additions or modifications to the painting as it becomes a more solid idea.