Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Night, Another Wacky Dream

In this one I was attending my sisters wedding (she's already married, sorry Fuzzy, the Dream Lords didn't see fit to inform me what happened, or if maybe you were just renewing your vows:) ) in a strange chapel with pyramid shaped interiors.  All of the rooms were various configurations of interlocking pyramids.  I arrived later than I was supposed to for the rehearsal and was fumbling with a lot of different things I was attempting to carry.  A bag, a container of some sort, a blazer I was supposed to wear (HA) and everything kept getting tangled up when I would try to grab any one thing.  Eventually Libby (my sister) got mad and decided to call off the rehearsal and we were all going to sleep in this pyramid chapel and have the ceremony the next day.  That's when things got weird.

     It turned out there was a wing of this pyramid building that housed a large number of creatures.  Many of them reminded me of things from the Dark Crystal or Labyrinth.  In particular there was a little monkey, a bit bigger, and heavier, than a squirrel.  It was normally light brown and grey, but it could change the color of it's fur to a brilliant red with yellow tips.  The monkey took a shine to me and when I was assured that it "probably wouldn't bite" me I let him ride on my shoulder and he became my companion for the rest of the dream.

     Several of the other people attending the service approached me and wanted to know if I would like to accompany them in exploring a woods they found outside of the structure.  I said sure, as it seemed interesting, and was kind of crowded under the pyramid domes.  When we got outside it was night, but not just regular night.  There was a purple inkiness to the air and we stumbled and clambered over big roots and through little gullys and washouts.  Eventually I recommend that we go check out Amalur, as I knew the way from where we were. (not sure how, but whatever)  It had been a while since I had seen it and was anxious to show my new friends some of the vistas I helped create.  When we got there however things were not as I remembered.  We came up over a hill to the edge of a precipice where beyond you were supposed to be able to see a floating city.  Instead it was dark, and huge storm clouds rolled over head.  A vicious wind picked up and threatened to blow us off the cliff.  One of our party even slipped and had to be dragged up from the edge.  The wind become even more furious, so much so that we had to find shelter beside a large boulder to avoid the flying debris.  Amongst the roaring of the wind there were other sounds.  Faint strains of haunting, middle eastern style vocal flourishes in a female voice and vibrating harmonies like when two strings, tuned an octave apart are struck.  I could make out unfinished landscapes, rough sculpted terrain with only minimal set dressing, awaiting a polish pass, but there was no way to them as it was across a gulf of storms and angry waves.

     We managed to crawl back down off the mountain and back into the inky woods where I stumbled and heard a sound at the same time.  It was like an electrical crackle, and when it happened my vision flashed to a view, inside of a tunnel with little nub like feelers sticking out from the walls at regular intervals.  There was also the impression of a word being was something ominous, like "STOP" or "DANGER" but I couldn't make out what it was exactly.  At that point I realized I had also lost the little red faced monkey.  We decided to try to make it back to the structure and upon reaching it I looked back into the inky woods and saw a black silhouette of a figure against the purple ink forest behind.  Again, the electric snap, the vision of the feeler tunnel, and a deep baritone voice speaking some threatening, but unintelligible word.  We got back into the structure and everyone was concerned about where we had been.  When I explained that we had gone exploring the people who managed the "creature wing" were flabbergasted and said that we should not have gone out there.  That there were dangerous things out in the woods and beyond.  At this point I was really upset about loosing the monkey and was asking around if anyone had seen him, if he had maybe come back and not been swept off the mountain side when we tried to catch a glimpse of Amalur.  To my relief the little monkey had made it back to the structure on his own and had even rescued that odd container I had brought with me.  I went over to the "creature wing" to apologize to the ladies that worked there for my reckless behavior in taking the little monkey out into the wild.  They forgave and asked if I would like to see some of their more unusual creatures.  I couldn't resist that.  They showed me a corner where there were things like shelf fungus growing off one of the interior columns.  One of the things looked like a face made of jellyfish, with toothed, tunnels where the eyes should be.  There was also a sound it was making out of the layered orifice that resembled the underside of a jellyfish as much as a mouth.  When I got closer I realized it was actually saying "DANGER....DANGER...DANGER"  I stared at it for a few moments, and then awoke.

There are a couple of images from this dream that are very clear, and I may actually try to paint a few.  Especially the red monkey and the jellyfish face.  I'll post them here if anything comes of that. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012


These were a batch of super fast silhouette thumbnails I did as an idea generation exercise.  The top two were done with the general idea idea of space ships or sci-fi structures.  The bottom set was done with a brush I created in Photoshop to quickly dump out a bunch of "sci fi widgets"  These could become structures, weapons, vehicles, equipment/console stations, etc.  It's really meant as a page of starter ideas.  I plan on taking some of the space ships up to a higher level of polish, perhaps incorporating them into an illustration, or presenting it as a piece of "concept art," same with the "widgets."  I figure it might be fun to do a sci fi outpost amongst a landscape with one or more of the shapes.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

These are two quick (an hour or so) paints I did to explore visual ideas for some points of interest.