Fantasia: Music Evolved

This is work I did on Disney's "Fantasia: Music Evolved" as an Environment/Layout Artist and Scene Coordinator.  In most of these shots I am responsible for the layout of the scene as well as overseeing it's general development from bare set to living, interactive scene.  Final models were made by the modeling team, and I integrated them into the scene.  This involved placing and arranging them to create interesting compositions and parallax effects, creating ambient animations, stand in FX work, textures as needed, and implementing behaviors requested by the designers via scripting tools.  

In the image above I worked closely with the designers to develop the minigame, how players would interact with it, and how it would message what exactly was going on to the players..  This was a collaborative effort with design, engineering, and audio in which I was the representative for the art side of things.

This is another level for which I was the "Scene Coordinator," in which I arranged the layout and placed the finished models to create a scene with interesting compositions and strong parallax as the player's camera moved from left to right and back.  I was also responsible for "creature placement" within the scene to ensure the animations authored by the animation team played properly and didn't cut through or intersect any of the surrounding geometry.  The final image with the Yeti partially, but implausibly hidden by the tree is part of a minigame, originally concepted by Giana Ruggiero and collaboratively developed and implemented by Engineering, Design, and myself. 

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